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Month: April 2017

High bright Epson inkjet paper,matte photo paper

Adopted high bright white inkjet paper base, the bright coating make inkjet paper and whiter.Strong absorbency: the porous nature of base paper can allow it to absorb ink quickly, dry fast, instant dry-to touch. matte coated paper.Water proof: chemical coating and polymer infiltration on surface can make it absorb water well and more protective matte coated paper.

Inkjet paper specification (cast coated).Bright white, instant dry.We supply 105gsm, 130gsm matte inkjet paper and 105gsm, 220gsm, 250gsm and double-side matte inkjet paper.Size: A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, 4R, 5R, 6R; letter size, and wide format roll.Resolution: easy support 720 – 2,880dpi.Suitable for any inkjet printer.Our inkjet photo paper range includes: InkJet paper, glossy InkJet photo paper, double-side matte inkjet paper, double-side glossy photo paper,RC glossy photo paper, silky photo paper, self-adhesive photo paper, self-adhesive InkJet paper, CD / DVD-labels and business card paper.We can provide multifarious size and weight for customer’s requests.

Using the right choice when you print surface.Do not fold or damage the surface.In order to ensure print quality, paper invited back into the bag and seal.the remaining preserved.To avoid the heat, humidity and direct sunlight.In order to meet your printing needs, please select the best test print.configuration mode. According to the instructions of various brand printers, adjust the color preferences to print.To avoid leaving fingerprints on paper or hand-Khan (to avoid the drop splash or  beverages such as tea colored water droplets).Do not use the highlighter in the printing surface, do not use wet hand contact surfaces, in order to avoid image fading or discoloration.After printing, such as inkjet photo album placed inside the laminating process or to save the best.

All printing processes have a range of conditions of temperature,humidity, pressure and dust particles in the air, that need to be taken into account when printing. Especially inkjet paper, that because it is very susceptible to excess moisture.About printing with dye and pigment inks.If you print with dye and pigment ink, the ink will not be affected by UV light or pollute environments. If the printing is protected under normal temperature and humidity with a range of conditions, the inkjet paper will not present problems of discoloration, fading and premature aging.Printer Compatibility.Suitable for almost Inkjet Printers with normal, dye or pigment based inkjet paper, including Canon, Epson, HP, Kodak, LEXMARK, etc.This matte photo paper comes in bright white, which is cast coated with inkjet materials to reveal a matte finish, making vibrant printed images. The back is coated with absorbent materials that limit the diffusion of the ink away from the contact point and prevent the inkjet paper from curling.

High quality inkjet photo paper,inkjet printers

Based on SA-5,SA-6 is finished in fully upgrade. Image more clear with colors more saturated and the  photos is perfectly bright clear.Using super-saturation couplers to achieve a clear and bright color reproduction, it’s  better  for  the red tones of performing especially.With the unique whitening technology, photo paper whiteness more excellence, outstanding bright and new feeling.Based on advanced emulsion technology, which improved adaptability and compatibility of processing chemical as well it has the same excellent to color performance at fast develop processing.

High brightness, clearness, resolution and color reproduction.Waterproof, instant dry, perfect color perspective and expression.The smallest visible text, transient absorption of ink, does not penetrate.Wide color gamut, long durability, high density, extremely sharp contrast.Adopt imported base photo paper, stable quality, vivid and sharp image.High flatness: imported base photo paper is stiffer, brighter, whiter, outstanding smoothness, no paper jam problem inkjet photo paper.Water proof: chemical coating and polymer infiltration on surface can make it absorb water well and more protective.Strong absorbency: the porous nature of base paper can allow it to absorb ink quickly, dry fast, instant dry-to touch. inkjet photo paper.

Support high resolution up to 5760dpi. High definition, small text clearly visible.Use high-quality coating and base paper. Smooth coating, high brightness, flat papers and easily paper walking.High-density, wide color gamut, excellent color and detail representation The printing effect can be comparable to traditional silver halide photograph.Excellent water resistance. The ink will not drop or dissolve if being soaked in water for dozens of hours.Instant dry. The ink must not penetrate into the back of the paper.Fully compatible with all inkjet printers like EPSON, HP, CANON, LEXMARK, DELL.Suitable for original ink and compatible with dye Ink.

7-layer top micro-porous coating technology with two layer resin coated base.Sharp and outstanding image output.The output images have vivid color.This inkjet peper is of high whiteness and brightness.Support high resolution up to 5760 dpi.This premium inkjet photo paper is applicable to all kinds of inkjet printers and can be printed with dye and pigment inks including Epson K3, UV, Canon and HP pigment inks, etc.It is fully waterproof and the ink on it will dry quickly.