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Month: August 2017

Wholesale cheap inkjet photo paper

Wholesale inkjet paper has a reflective surface. Glossy photo paper provides an economical way to reproduce laboratory pictures. We have many brands of glossy paper from EPSON, Canon, HP, Moab, Canson, Hahnemuhle, Ilford and so on.

Matte inkjet photo paper having a flat glossy surface without gloss. Matte glass frame printing is the ideal solution, because there is no glare or gloss. Anhydrous and lignin free, cheap inkjet paper is made of 100% cotton is considered to be more files, lasted for 100 years or longer. Atlex from EPSON, Canon, Canson, Moab, Hahnemuhle, Museo matte photo paper ink absorption of different.

What is metal inkjet paper?
Wholesale inkjet paper is a photographic paper with a slight metallic sheen that provides extra “pop” for your prints and separates them from others. The metal quality of this article is on the basis of this article, so no special ink is needed.
Is Chrome compatible with my printer?
If you have a printer with ink jet dye or pigment, you can print it on Chrome metal ink jet paper without any problems.
What profiles should be used when printing on Chrome?
When printing on Chrome pearlescent metal paper, choose the best glossy print or gloss setting for the printer. When printing on the Chrome metallic sheen, use the printer’s best gloss or satin paper setting. Using these profiles has shown the best fit for EPSON, Canon, and HP printers. Advanced users can also choose to create your own personal data for this article, if they wish to do, but we have in our laboratory in print the test set, and has produced impressive results.Gloss media has gloss and inkjet gloss levels between photo paper levels. The surface of Lustre and Pearl paper changes from a slight texture to a faint pebble sheen. Atlex a wide variety of different brands of Lustre and cheap inkjet paper, including EPSON, Moab, Canson, Hahnemuhle, Ilford, and so on.
Wholesale inkjet paper offers an additional choice of resin coated photographic paper for professional photographers and graphic artists. Semi finished products minimize glare while maximizing presentation quality.

Inkjet photo paper manufacturers from China

Cheap inkjet paper is a 100% cotton rag, acid free, double-sided file medium used for digital photography in fine arts photography. Fine matte printer paper particularly bright white white coating provides excellent color and black-and-white reproductions. In addition, this unique formula is that it has a special coating waterproof and waterproof properties, helps to ensure the quality of archives, which can enhance, positioning, polishing or spraying your work.

Metal Satin paper is a unique paper that produces a rich metallic pearlescent surface. It is characterized by instant drying of the base, both water and scratch resistant. Whether you use the dye, Ultrachrome, Durabrite or HDR ink to print, this article will produce bright colors, with a deep black density, showing excellent sharpness. Inkpress metal Satin inkjet photo paper manufacturers suitable for art, business or daily studio work.

  • Allows you to print excellent, vibrant, robust and persistent images
  • Provides extremely high resolution, brightness, and color saturation
  • Strong black density
  • Portraits, commercial and display printing are excellent choices
  • Compatible with EPSON, Canon, HP and other major brands of printers

Art printing cheap inkjet paper is 100% cotton, acid free lignin, double file media, professional art photography, printing. Inkjet fine print paper, a natural white coating and high DMAX 1.61 with 100% pigment inks and 1.92 with EPSON’s ultra chrome, offers excellent colors and black-and-white reproductions with a soft, antique appearance. In addition, this unique formula is that it has a special coating waterproof and waterproof properties, helps to ensure the quality of archives, which can enhance, positioning, polishing or spraying your work. This article has been testing EPSON, Canon, and HP ink for over 100 years via Wilhelm Imaging Research.

290 GSM 100% cotton inkjet photo paper manufacturers , with micro texture, no fingerprints or artifact processing, can also reduce the gloss difference.Pro Silky has high D-max, excellent gray tone, high contrast, coupled with excellent color fidelity and beautiful skin tone reproduction. For Canon, EPSON and HP today’s pigment ink printer, Pro Satin fiber is ideal for black and white printing, with smooth performance and excellent gray tone.