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Month: August 2017

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Inkjet photo paper has a quality range suitable for photographic reproduction. We store a series of  paper for inkjet printing to meet your needs, whether you print contacts or want to direct the job to canvas. We have inkjet photographic paper in Matt and gloss and oysters, as well as fine arts, art, silk and Museum classic qualities.

inkjet photo paper  is specially coated to produce laboratory quality photographs. Heavyweight, high quality, genuine EPSON paper.The advanced bright white paper features smooth, ultra smooth surfaces and 108+ brightness. Better white paper, suitable for double-sided printing. Ideal for daily business and personal print requirements. Provide clear black text and vivid images.

A white paper with a smooth satin finish; uses two barium sulfate coatings. Inspired by the F64 group, this article applies the noble silver halide technology to the new quality level.100% pure cotton inkjet photo paper manufacturers , bright, flawless, smooth satin. With its unique artistry of centuries ago, the feel of paper, and the fine gamut, this white paper is especially suitable for color and black and white prints.

This is the economic choice for producing high-quality, fast drying prints. This matte coated paper has been designed for color printing, making it ideal for creating signs and posters that will often be replaced or replaced. It is suitable for large format printers, with pigment and dye ink, printing, waterproof, anti fading. This inkjet photo paper manufacturers has bright color performance, anti curl, anti fading, high image printing quality. Various sizes and weights can be used for different print requirements.

Whether you need plain text inkjet printing, photo and graphic glossy paper, or inkjet photo paper paper, we offer a great deal of quality choice. For your home or office, please trust our printer paper for all communications, reports, spreadsheets, presentations, charts, graphs, brochures, etc..

To learn more about printed paper, multipurpose, matte, gloss and ledger inkjet printers, please visit and compare these products. If you have any questions or would like to know more about specific products, please feel free to visit our FAQ or contact us.