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The appearance of a glossy inkjet photo paper through a true photograph to provide a smooth, smooth surface for everyday photographs. Ideal for creating brilliant pictures, quality colors, and life like images. Print your own digital photos, reprint, contact lists and enlarge.Heavyweight, bright white paper, glossy photo complete.Suitable for reprint and daily photos.True photographic images, vivid, high-quality colors.Make sure that it works with all inkjet printers.


EPSON metal inkjet photo paper glossy paper is a metallic paper, resin coated base and vibrant glossy surface that produces high sharpness, good dynamic range and wide gamut of images. Smooth, smooth daily photos and real photo print appearance, this is the ideal printing to create brilliant picture quality and color of life like images of your own digital photos, reprint, contact page and amplification of this paper has microporous edges, allowing full discharge image.


EPSON velvet art paper is one of the best inkjet paper on the market. With its acid free, 100% cotton base, this exquisite art paper features excellent archival performance, excellent color rendition and high D-max black. Photographers and artists from around the world put EPSON’s Velvet art as one of its main choices, and its unique museum quality helped accomplish the creation of excellent galleries or compositions. If you want your color or black-and-white prints to look spectacular, this very elegant paper will bring out your best pictures.


EPSON’s metal photo paper is ideal for weddings, portraits and art photographers. High gloss inkjet photo paper provides highly saturated prints by providing maximum ink coverage and high D-Max true photographic reproductions. Its 10 mil RC base provides a photographic impression for the printer and keeps the paper free of vibration. This paper is suitable for all EPSON ink. Like all of EPSON’s innovative media, this article aims to provide you with the highest resolution and color saturation. As usual, EPSON provided quality assurance for EPSON.


Epson’s Inkjet Photo Paper MatteThe thickness is 9 mil. This flat paper has a photographic feel, but it is versatile enough to be used in signage and process projects. Good printing paper advanced demonstration paper “matte” EPSON is a large format or fine print.Double-sided matte paper is printed sales manual, greeting cards, communications and ideal paper photography, photography to image quality and print double-sided versatility, without perspective.