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To ink the wholesale inkjet photo paper is the manufacture and the highest quality paper, the end result as a major premium photo paper brand in the right and left today. We welcome the purchase of wholesale photo paper from people and companies around the world and will help to ensure the safe transport of your photo paper in every step.

One of the best inkjet photo paper sizes, people tend to look at smaller photo paper 6×4. This quality inkjet photo paper is not only used to print your photo in your inkjet printer, but also great to create little flyers and invitations. At present, we have used the 180gsm glossy 6×4 photo paper, 230gsm and 260gsm weight on our website.

Using our great deal, we’ll use it in the range of the inkjet 4×6, which will give you the best price and reduce the cost of your photo paper. If you’re looking for a photo paper, you don’t want to pay the odds, and then look at the 4-by-6 photo paper range for use with inkjet printers. Print 6×4 photos from your digital camera with excellent results.

When you need a A3 paper to print and find the right paper for high quality and cost effectiveness, then our range A3 photo paper will only do the work. If you have a A3 inkjet printer, you have endless possibilities to create posters, logos and artwork, or just print out large 3-size photos and wholesale inkjet photo paper.

Quality is of vital importance, when choosing the best advanced photo paper printing photos on such a large format for A3, because every detail will be easier to see than printing in smaller media, such as A4. When selecting your A3 best inkjet photo paper, make sure you have the correct GSM for your inkjet printer so that it will process the paper effectively and smoothly.

Don’t think that the A3 photo print is for professionals, you can print the A3 inkjet printer at home and wholesale inkjet photo paper cheap A3 photos. So check out our range, choose the best photo paper, suit your needs best, and don’t forget your printer specs. Keep up the latest, and continue to look for our new series of A3 photo paper, which will be available in the coming months.