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There are two basic types of papers.
Photo papers such as glossy, luster, pearl, satin and metallic utilize photo black ink, while matte papers such as cotton, alpha-cellulose and canvas utilize matte black ink.In addition, there is a new cross category: fiber based baryta photo paper (defined below). Since ink is absorbed and diffused into these papers, as well as the differences in the specific coat and surface texture used, for each type of inkjet photo paper manufacturers, the choice of the correct primary black ink is critical. Photos and matte black ink has different formula specifically designed to compensate for the difference between matte and photo paper.

So far, the most common paper on the market, the RC in this paper is a resin coating.
When we say RC printed matter, we mainly refer to the coated, wet, dark coated photographic paper coated with resin, which can be rapidly machined and dried. The prints are also more wear resistant and curly. The term “RC” has been transferred to today’s Inkjet world, which is made of a refined wood pulp base in two layers of plastic polyethylene and coated with microporous ink jet emulsions. RC inkjet photo paper waterproof, scratch resistant matte paper than its counterparts, and thinner.

The range of RC from the surface of the inkjet photo paper manufacturers gloss to semi gloss, gloss, Pearl Satin, etc.. So far, these are the cheapest and most widely used inkjet sheets for most consumers. They offer deep black and white white, contrast and clarity, and are definitely suitable for a variety of subjects. RC papers are usually portraits and wedding photographer papers.

What they lack, however, is the appearance and feeling of artistic aesthetics. I personally don’t care about RC inkjet photo paper because they’re wrinkle prone and I feel my taste is too thin and plastic. I also don’t like the surface textures of many of these papers because I think they interfere with the image.

If you’re like me, and looking for the highest quality printed matter in a beautiful inkjet photo paper manufacturers category, there’s a better choice, for example, a newer kind of fiber based baryta paper. Once again, this is only a personal art decision, depending on the final destination of the printed matter. Still trying to display the print in the gallery?