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Using the latest international coating technology, coating smooth,paper powder is not easy to off, have long shelf life.The degree of reduction in colour and print quick-drying aspects are better than similar products, has excellent waterproof performance, instant ink absorption is playing is dry, smooth paper, paperboard, ink will not infiltrate into the inkjet photo paper back.The inkjet machine and ink has high compatibility, excellent absorbency, widely used in all kinds of inkjet photo paper printers, suitable for all kinds of original installed compatible ink.A maximum of 5760 dip printing precision, high resolution, small text is clearly visible:Density is high, wide color gamut, the image vivid and clear, bright and pleasing to the eye, picture, perfect, excellent color and detail.


♦ Inkjet heat transfer paper for inkjet printers, laser heat transfer paper for laser printers.

♦ Inkjet heat transfer paper and laser heat transfer paper are used for light and dark color cotton t-shirt.

♦ Sublimation paper is mainly used for mugs, ceramic, mouse pads, pure polyester t-shirt and so on.

♦ PU PVC heat transfer film is used for sport suit number, logo and so on.



Suitable for printing wedding photo album, elegant photo photos, such as the family guest individual works, the production of commercials and senior propaganda album, etc.
1. When using do not fold or damage the surface;
2. Because different printers and all kinds of software, will produce difference in printing density and color ,please adjust to choose the color of be fond of according to the printer specified for printing. Recommend printing in professional acdsee or mapping software, in print options quality options bar “high quality pictures” – print options column – type – select “high quality inkjet glossy photo paper“.
3. Please don’t use wet hand to contact with the surface of the printed image, also do not use strong fluorescence pen to paint on the graph, avoid causing image fading or discoloration phenomenon;
4. To temporarily don’t have paper to replay the sack preservation, avoid the paper in the high temperature, humidity and direct sunlight;
5. After opening, run out of them as soon as possilble.