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All printing processes have a range of conditions of temperature,humidity, pressure and dust particles in the air, that need to be taken into account when printing. Especially inkjet paper, that because it is very susceptible to excess moisture.About printing with Dye ink (not Pigment Ink).If you print Inkjet Paper with dye ink, the ink will not be affected by UV light or pollute environments. If the printing is protected under normal temperature and humidity with a range of conditions, the paper will not present problems of discoloration, fading and premature aging.

The coating layer of photo paper and matte paper is not anti-oxidation.Users is also use not anti-oxidation dye ink.The speed of fading is great related to the quality of inkjet paper preservation environment (Such as: 1. Wet weather 2. Ultraviolet radiation 3. Paper directly exposed to the air cause oxidized).The neutralization of various factors are determine the speed of photo paper fade. If you want to keep the photo paper for a long time. We suggest you to laminated it. The photo paper’s storage lift can be extended to 5-6 times after laminated.

RC photo paper: RC is the abbreviation of Resin Coated, meaning double-sided resin coated film paper. The glossiness of the RC paper is the resin itself, it has a porous micropore structure to make instant drying. Based on this special processing technology, making the RC paper has some physical characteristics difference with some other paper media. It can be more adaptable to the characteristics of inkjet printing, to make the best performance of the printer.RC photo paper with high-quality pigment ink to save life can be achieved for decades, if laminated it can reach the preservation of the effects of a century. So now the wedding photo studio has been mainly used RC photo paper.

Support high resolution up to 5760dpi. High definition, small text clearly visible.Use high-quality coating and base paper. Smooth coating, high brightness, flat papers and easily paper walking.High-density, wide color gamut, excellent color and detail representation The printing effect can be comparable to traditional silver halide photograph.Excellent water resistance. The ink will not drop or dissolve if being soaked in water for dozens of hours.Instant dry. The ink must not penetrate into the back of the paper.Fully compatible with all inkjet printers like EPSON, HP, CANON, LEXMARK, DELL.Suitable for original ink and compatible with dye Ink.