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High quality inkjet photo paper base with double-side resin coating.Micro-porous coating on front side provides excellent image definition, color saturation and short drying time.The graphic shows excellent quality with great 5,760dpi can be reached when using the best printing settings.Glossy surface makes the paper with mirror effecting which shows the exact details of graphics.Compatible to both water based dye and pigment inks.Surface: glossy.Total weight: 260gsm.Specification (in rolls):  0.310,0.432,0.610,0.914,1.118,1.27*30m.Can be cut into other sizes.

Microporous paper, its paper-based the same as traditional inkjet photo paper, both sides of the base paper coated PE,that is waterproof coating RESIN COATED, its coating is nanoscale silicon dioxide material (particle diameter of 150 nm or less), produce very subtle Inorganic-organic hybridfine particle, after the ink spray up, soon to be absorbed by Micro-porous that similar to the honeycomb,so its name form. Because both sides of the paper coated with waterproof PE coating,so this photo paper with good water resistance.

Suitable for solvent / UV/ Latex printing.Perfect ink absorption, excellent color expression, high resolution and fast dry. Waterproof, can be used for both outdoor and indoor advertising.Both glossy and matte surface are available.Easy cutting and application on a wide variety of substrates.Cheap price, exceptional photo quality in an economical inkjet photo paper.

Cast coated double-side glossy inkjet photo paper with a bright white and glossy surface.Has good compatibility with pigment inks or dye inks.Waterproof and Superb photographic image quality output with a instant dry.Support high resolution up to 5760 dpi.High whiteness, high glossy,offer you the highest color gamut.Applicable to all kinds of inkjet printers.Bright white glossy inkjet photo paper (cast coated).Smooth coated finish and high-glossy surface, for fine and smooth image.Water-proof: highly water resistant, fadeless and strongly waterproof performance and excellent compatibility.Instant dry.uitable for most of the inkjet printers.We can provide out inkjet photo paper products also in customized size and weight upon request (minimum order applied).

All printing processes have a range of conditions of temperature,humidity, pressure and dust particles in the air, that need to be taken into account when printing. Especially inkjet, that because it is very susceptible to excess moisture.About printing with Dye ink (not Pigment Ink).If you print Inkjet Photo Paper with dye ink, the ink will not be affected by UV light or pollute environments. If the printing is protected under normal temperature and humidity with a range of conditions, the inkjet photo paper will not present problems of discoloration, fading and premature aging.