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Influence factors of inkjet printing paper effect

Influence factors of inkjet printing paper effect:

1. Color inkjet printing paper quality:
Color inkjet printing paper, absorbent on inkjet printing ink drying performance of ink pigment fixation performance affect the inkjet paper effect, so the coating composition and coating structure of color inkjet printing paper to play an important role in the printing effect.

2. Ink
Inkjet printing ink with dye ink, pigment ink, oily ink. Dye ink will fade, waterproof in ultraviolet light irradiation; pigment inks with good light fastness, water fastness, but the color is just passable, oily ink is mainly used for outdoor product trademarks, advertising, has the characteristics of good water resistance, light resistance. The color inkjet  paper is water-based dye ink, usually by the dye, solvent (water, ethanol), adhesive, additive composition. When printing ink droplets from the nozzle to the paper requirements in a short period of time of drying, this paper not only with the nature, but also a greater impact on the nature of the ink, generally use the special brand ink matched with a printer and printing paper.

3. Print system
Printing system refers to the temperature and humidity conditions when printing, printer type and print settings, etc.. Print in a high humidity environment, will not cause absorption, bleeding and other phenomena. The piezoelectric micro bubble type printer printer and ink-jet printer at normal temperature and pressure in high temperature high pressure, the two printer control precision of the size and shape of the ink is not the same, can cause different printing; at the same time the print settings are not the same, the printing effect is not the same. For example, at the same time in the photo quality printing state, the resolution is set to 720dpi and 360dpi, the two printing effect is not the same.

Color inkjet printing paper is very different from ordinary paper, which is based on paper as base material, pigment, adhesive and various auxiliary chemicals transferred into the porous coating ink on the surface of base paper, to form a layer of good ink receiving layer of paper surface. The technical indexes of color inkjet  paper and the raw material and manufacturing process requirements of the paper have important influence on the quality of printing products.
The quality of base paper has an important influence on the quality and production of color inkjet printing paper. The paper used in the production of raw materials should be for the full chemical pulp, best for chemical pulp and papermaking method for neutral papermaking requirements; base paper has good whiteness, good evenness, paper smoothness, stiffness, compactness and high sizing degree, good strength, low expansion rate performance.