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On the surface, all photo papers look the same. There are actually several differences. Each type is best suited for a particular purpose. Whether you’re an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, you must know how to match the paper to the photo.

Your main concern for the inkjet paper should be its completion. There are several different options, including gloss, matte texture or surface treatment. Below we outline all of these features.

In the “gloss” category, there are two options: gloss and half-life. Because of the seemingly rich colors, novices may prefer glossy inkjet  paper. This may be perfect, just leave photos with family or friends, but you won’t get the desired results if you’re going to put the photos in a frame. The gloss is very lustrous and therefore produces a blur of image reflection. Put the picture under the glass, plus two times the glare after the completion.

We said before the second option is matte finish. Matte inkjet paper will not produce any reflection, will actually make you more black than black, which would enhance the contrast. In the case of details and textures, glossy inkjet  paper is superior to gloss because it shows finer details. Another option to show off your photos is the canvas. This is the ideal choice for the pictures you want to compose because it combines matte detail and bright colors. A lack of glass in front of the image also helps to prevent reflection. However, you should be aware that the canvas is usually a rough surface, so it is easy to display the bumps on the surface when it is illuminated on the side.

Now that we have talked about various types of inkjet paper, we will turn our attention to the durability and longevity of photographic paper. As a general rule, any photos hanging or displayed directly will disappear over time. Although the printing of pigment based inks lasts longer than dye inks, they will eventually fade. Pigment inks are designed to resist optimum fading and can last more than 100 years without changing, and better dye printing can last for more than 20 years. Keep in mind that any statement about the photo fastness to fading is based on very specific paper guides, which should be listed in the fine print of the printer manual. In addition, if the article should be fifty years old, that doesn’t mean your photos will disappear in a year. How long was the year’s mark and no sign of any change began?.

The best-seller inkjet heat transfer paper

1.Product Name: Light Inkjet heat transfer paper
2.Code: M-L-150P
3.Size: A4 A3 0.42*30M
4.Printers compatible: EPSON ,Canon HP and Small Desk Printer
5.Compatible Ink: Dye ink,Pigment ink
6.Printing Mode: Quality setting–Picture–Mirror image,kind:common paper or good quality photo paper
7.Heat press temperature: 185degree
8.Heat time: 15 seconds
9.Hot Peel (Within 3Seonds) after heat press
10.Pressure: medium/High Pressure
11.Fabric:Light Fabric (white,pink,light blue etc.) Any fabric ,cotton
12.Packing: 20 sheets/polybag or 100 sheets/pack
13.Heating Tips:To make sure the color and durable, The base paper have to directly contact with the heat Press Board. (If the heat press machine had heat insullation fabrics, you can highten the temperaturer to 190-195 Centigrate or lengthen the heating time to 25 Seconds.)


The back paper:Blue chart logo.It has to be hot Peel (In 3 Seconds).Quality grade is equal of American series transfer inkjet paper.High Strentch.High resilience.Good hand feeling,Great Breathability.Good washable (wash in washing machine for more than 80Times).You can draw with any pen or any printers. also can be used on Laser printers.Can be heated by Heat press machine or House hold Iron on.Cut the eadge by hand,Not suitable for Cutting plotter.


Professional premium grade: resin coated (RC) microporous gloss, silk/satin, semi-gloss photo paper; a unique coating delivers instant drying, superior water resistance and 5760 dpi resolution; designed for the highest quality continuous-tone color printing applications; excellent for professional photographic, graphic design and proofing applications alike; 100% compatible with dye and pigment ink, such as Epson K3, UC, Canon and HP pigment ink.


InkJet Transfer Paper is recommmmended with wax crayons, oil pastels, fluorescent markers, color pencil, Mild solventink, Eco-solvent ink, Water based pigment or Dye inkjet ink for T-shirts, aprons, gift bags, mouse pads, photographs on quilts etc. The transfer peels off easily and can be applied with a regular household iron or professional heat machine.


High quality sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Printing Paper.Work on all inkjet printers.Heat sublimation paper which specialized for Sublimation Ink.Bright and white (not pure white).Printed photo can be kept over 80 years.Absolutely flat and smooth.Economic inkjet paper media.One side printed.Widely used in not pure cotton stuffs.Waterproof.